m-rock double access

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M-ROCK has announced four new bags, all designed around a similar configuration, but at varying sizes. All four bags of the 5000 series are double access, and can be opened from either the back or top; and are all configured for holding at least one body, two lenses, and a flash.

The new bags are the Cascade 5020 for a small SLR or ILC, and will go for $100, The Glacier 5040 and Grand Canyon 5060 for a regular SLR camera body for of $107 and $112 respectively and the Everglades 5080 for a Pro SLR Camera or a regular SLR camera with battery grip attached with for $118. The 5020 and 5040 have an external pocket large enough to hold an iPad-sized tablet, and the 5060 and 5080 can both stash in a laptop.


The bags all include rain jackets, lens cloths, and pockets with a snap hook for keys. They are also compatible with M-ROCK’s modular system, so you can stack two of them onto a modular cart or add extra straps.