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As anyone who has lugged around a bag full of gear at an event will tell you, every ounce you can save is paramount. Photographer Les Tirmenstein thinks he’s come up with a lighter, easier to stow flash diffuser, and he’s looking for help to fund it. Dubbed the FlashPipe, this diffuser is held in place simply by a silicone band that slips over the flash itself, and weighs next to nothing.


Each model will come as a flat piece of plastic that you can easily assemble, and the collapse flat again for transport. Currently, there are two models in the works, the open topped Wedge, and the Convertible. To get on board, a $25 pledge will get you one of them, though you can donate as little as a buck if you’re so inclined.

The project still has a long way to go, and not much time to do it in — so if you’re interested in a very light, very useful bit of kit that’ll take up almost no space in your camera bag, why not throw your weight behind the FlashPipe?