A $30 Tweak Gets Your Nikon D4 On Wi-Fi

Don't want to drop more than $800 on Nikon's WT-5A? You can emulate some of the same functionality with a simple DIY hack for around $30?

D4 WiFi

D4 WiFi

Nikon's official workaround for wirelessly getting images from the D4 is the WT-5A, a wireless transmitter that'll set you back more than $800 for functionality that seems pretty basic in the age of universal Wi-Fi. So Voudas, a reader at NikonRumors, tried a workaround, and put together a much less expensive way of getting the same functionality:

"The idea was to connect the small VAP11G portable WiFi bridge device (available on eBay and Amazon) to the D4's Ethernet port in order to use it through WiFi. I setup the Ethernet connection of the D4 and then used the VAP11G device to connect through my WiFi. I then used my laptop and iPhone to check the WiFi connectivity with the D4. It worked like a charm! The limitation of the device is that it didn't act as an access point - it would always need an established WiFi network, but the important thing was to prove that the price of the WT-5 price is ridiculously high ($877) and the VAP11G does the same thing for around $30. This limitation could probably be eliminated with the Asus WL-330gE wireless access point."

So rather than creating a Wi-Fi network, this one allows the D4 to join an existing one. As you can see in the photo above, they were able to control the D4 using the official Nikon iPhone app. Seeing as there's no Eye-Fi option for the D4 due to it using CF and XQD cards, this is a far more affordable option than the WT-5. There are some caveats — primarily that the VAP11G needs an external powersource to function. Since it uses the D4's Ethernet port to function, it's not clear if it can be tweaked to work over USB for other cameras.