Mark Aubry
Marc Aubry

Photographer Marc Aubry jumped on board the digital photography craze earlier than most, and has been taking self-portraits with cutting edge devices since 1991’s Kodak DCS 100 — the first commercially available DSLR. For decades he has been snapping shots of him with his most recent DSLR, including some incredible old gear. That cable in the DCS 100 shot above? That linked to the separate, shoulder-carried, external HD, which held a whopping 200MB of storage, and was able to hold 156 images.

While the last of his DLSR photos seems to be from the Panasonic Lumix G1 in 2008, he also has some wonderful pictures from other vintage digital cameras. How about the Logitech Fotoman, from 1992? Or a Minolta Dimage? Or if you want something a bit more recent, an iPhone 4? How hilariously decrepit will the D800 look in a decade?


[via Buzzfeed]