New Gear: Westcott PocketBox Flash Softbox Kit

Westcott has announced a new set of three compact flash softboxes, that come bundled with an educational DVD teaching you how to use them

The folks at Westcott have teamed up with educator/photographer Erin Manning to release the PocketBox flash kit, a set of three small flash-modifiers, carrying case, and an educational DVD to give you the lowdown on their use. Westcott is calling this "the first-ever compact flash system combined with education", and the whole kit is designed to work with a relatively modest sized hot-shoe external flash unit.

The kit comes with a 8.5" wide round modifier, a 6"x7" "square" one, and an 8"x12" larger, rectangular unit. All three parts have reflective silver interiors, removable inner diffusion panels, and heavy-duty wire framework. The kit will retail for an eminently reasonable $49.90, and should soon be available to purchase through Westcott's website, or one of their dealers.