New Gear: Lensbaby Edge 80 Optic

The new Lensbaby Edge 80 Optic lets you tilt your Lensbabies to your heart's content.

Lensbaby edge 80

Lensbaby edge 80

The newest addition to Lensbaby's growing lineup is the Edge 80 Optic for the Optic Swap System. It can be paired with the Lensbaby Composer Pro, Composer, Muse, Scout and Control Freak, and will transform any of those bending bodies into a tilt lens, giving you a maneuverable slice of focus to play with. The angle of the lens controls the direction of the slice, which you can experiment with using a very nifty simulator that Lensbaby put together.

The lens offers an aperture range of f/2.8 to f/22, with an appropriately altered focal area at each point. Unlike Lensbaby's other lenses, this one actually has a flat field of focus like a conventional lens, where the others are curved. This means it has a relatively traditional performance when aimed straight-forward, but through tilting the lens, the focal plane alters dramatically. The Edge 80 Optic will set you back $300, and is available online and through Lensbaby resellers.