Gaffer's tape

With enough finesse, gaffer tape, and its cousin duct tape, can be used to hack together just about anything on the planet. Here’s a nifty DIY on how to use either of these tape types (or potentially just about any other) to make a custom sized, collapsible softbox grid. Created by Flickr user ☣ cUKi, he describes it as:

Now, if that’s a bit hard to parse, this picture might make it a touch easier to understand. You use a carboard piece to make a series of cells out of gaffer tape, sticky side out, and then strap them together into a grid. While a tedious process, the result should be fairly robust, collapsible, and the perfect size for whatever your shooting situation is. You can use just about any material for this, one person even adapted it into cloth, though you should probably stick with black matte with whatever you’re using.

So while it might take a while to put together, it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than buying one new.

[via DIY Photography]