Custom Firmware Gives Nikon D5100 A Star Wars Feel

Is this the first step to a Nikon version of Magic Lantern?

D5100 starwars

D5100 starwars

There's been a robust scene of reprogramming Canon cameras with custom firmware for some time, in the form of CHDK and Magic Lantern — but for the first time we're seeing something similar with a Nikon DLSR. A custom firmware pack for the Nikon D5100 has been released, and while all it does is rename some of the on-camera text with a Star Wars theme, it's a little step towards a much bigger goal. Released over Flickr, the StarWars firmware makes the following changes:

Holocron - Playback menu Weapon System - Shooting menu Super Stardestroyer - Custom Setting menu Hyperdrive - Setup Menu - Go to Dagobah Luke - Format Memory Card - Death Star Codes - Firmware Version --- A Jedi? - Update? (new update screen) --- (help: StarWars v1.01) The Cantina - Retouch Menu My Menu - unchanged Dark side of force! - Subject is too dark Light side of force! - Subject is too light

You can see some of them in the blurry GIF below, but further work is being undertaken on through a new website to expan the roll of the custom firmware. Sure, changing the name of the menus is a minor tweak, but hopefully before long we'll see some more impressive features released.