Canon and VII Gallery: Nourish

The latest collaboration between Canon and the VII Photo Agency was to create a series of photographic interpretations of the word “nourish” for the VII Gallery. The VII Gallery was created to highlight some of the top photojournalists from the VII Photo Agency and Canon’s cameras, specifically the advanced point-and-shoot PowerShot S95 and PowerShot G12 cameras and the EOS 7D SLR. The work of the photojournalists was then used as inspiration for other photographers of all levels to take on the project themselves.

Canon and the VII Photo Agency saw the VII Gallery project as a way to elicit creative interpretations presented through photography. And this project definitely inspires. “Nourish” is a word that could mean something entirely literal or, conversely, something completely metaphorical.

Canon and the VII Photo Agency have extended the assignment to you, the aspiring photojournalist. So take a few minutes to think about what “nourish” means to you, then grab your camera and start shooting. Your work could be featured in the online Gallery, hanging alongside the VII Photo Agency projects for the whole world to see.

Check out the Canon VII Gallery and the projects for NOURISH. Visit: