Leica auction
Leica MP-332, Leica MP-31 and 50mm Compur-Summicron.

Leica specialists Tamarkin Camera hold occasionally hold auctions selling off incredible and rare cameras that they’ve obtained — in fact their most recent one was just last February, and included a Nikon SP Black with 50mm Nikon f/1.4 that went for $16,000 and a Leica MP-232 Chrome with Rapid Winder that fetched a whopping $22,000. Their next big auction is pegged for October 30th, and not only will the usual collection of rare cameras be available for purchase, but also one owned by Ernest Hemingway.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a picture of Hemingway’s Leica IIIf, but it’ll join the ranks of a chrome Leica MP-332, a Leica Compur-Summicron, a Leica M4 MOT with Motor, rigid 50mm Summar, Thambar, Leica M7 Titan, black Leica M3, Leica 250 Reporter, a Rolleiflex Titan and Aurum, and plenty more.

Tamarkin will release the illustrated auction catalogue online and by mail on October 2nd, at which point we’ll see the estimates for what these cameras are expected to go for. Not everything will be ludicrously expensive either, if previous auctions are any indications, you could grab an older Leica for a shade over $300 — hardly an exorbitant price.