tenba tablet bag main

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Buying a photo backpack with room for a laptop used to be relatively simple. Most full-sized packs easily swallowed a 15- or even 17-inch computer without a problem. But with more and more shooters relying on ultra-tiny laptops and even tablets, properly portaging your machine has become increasingly complicated. The latest efforts from Tenba include a couple additions to their Discovery and Vector lines.

The Discovery Mini Daypack can accommodate 2-3 bodies, a few lenses and the usual accessories, while the rear sleeve makes room for an 11-inch MacBook Air or a tablet. Its big brother (pictured above in beige) ditches the “Mini” from its moniker and will host 1-2 full-sized bodies and up to 6-lenses, as well as a big, fat 15-inch laptop. Both use water-repellent nylon and “expedition-grade” shoulder harnesses.

The Vector Photo Sling Bag (above) can also deal with up to 15-inches of laptop despite its relatively smaller size. It’ll fit 1-2 pro bodies as well as 3-4 lenses or it ca be used to house a 300mm telephoto lens attached to a body. Like the rest of the Vector line, it uses Tenba’s WeatherWrap to keep moisture out, which you’ll really appreciate if it’s keeping watch over a 300mm F/2.8 lens.

The Discovery Mini is currently available for $116, while the full-sized Daypack will set you back $147. The Vector Sling is also available now in a wider variety of colors for $84.