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The lovechild of a Gorillapod and a camera case, the Pose from Quirky is a crowdfunded new accessory that will not only keep your compact camera all wrapped up and protected, but then you can invert it and use it as a camera stand. The Pose locks into the camera’s tripod mount, making it compatible with any camera small and light enough to fit inside the case — so you could probably even use it for an ILC with a small lens. Then, when you want to take a photograph, you invert the case and either use it to stand on uneven surfaces, or wrap around around objects in either portrait or landscape orientations.

The mount is also easily detachable, so you can remove your camera from the case without having to undo the entire rig. The outside of the case is weather-resistant neoprene with rubber textured grip — so it’ll handle a bit of rain, but don’t go throwing it in the ocean.

The Pose is currently available for presale for $23.99, and once 1000 are sold, they can go into production, and the price will jump to $29.99. Like all Quirky products, if the preorder numbers aren’t met, the case won’t be made, and you won’t be billed.