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Remember how last month we saw the crazy announcement of the Lytro — a camera that would let you focus after you’ve taken the photo? The company behind the camera has just released a whole series of more photographs taken with the Lytro, and this time it’s a fashion shoot starring Coco Rocha, shot by Eric Cheng.

What’s immediately noticeable to me in the photographs is that they appear to be very low quality. I know this device is still in very early stages, but the focus is remarkably soft — even when trained in the right area — and the color noise is substantial. Hopefully, further iterations of the technology will help improve on this.


Watching the video, you’ll notice that you only see the photographer and the camera for a second or two — and it’s impossible to make out any real details. However, from that one shot, it looks to be roughly SLR size.

I can imagine the size being a bit of an issue, unless later editions dramatically cut down on bulk. SLR shooters will doubtless want to keep the focus control but compact shooters might be turned off by the size.

What do our readers think? Will the incredible theoretical capabilities of this device outweigh what appear to be pretty big problems? Or will these evaporate as the camera is perfected before it hits the market?

[via FStoppers]