Nik Software have made a name for themselves as makers of software plugins, but have now branched into the portable world of iOS, with a new iPad app called Snapseed. This photo editing app has all the basic editing controls you could want, but also adds a bevy of adjustable filters to give your images a decidedly lomo feel. With 11 built-in filters, there a vast array of tweaks and twiddles you can do to your images.

What are the 11 tools you that you can use? They’re pretty extensive. For basic editing, there’s crop, rotate/straighten and “tune image”, which lets you adjust White Balance, Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, and “Ambience”. There’s an auto correct tool to quickly touch up your shot, center focus will give you instant depth of field, organic frames will tweak the images edges, and black and white gives you options to control grain type and style. Finally, for more dramatic effects, there are grunge, drama, vintage film, and selective adjust filters.

The way these filters are implemented is very interesting. Rather than just having a menu that you select from, you swipe left and right on the image do adjust how strong they are, and swipe up and down to change the effect. Some also have a small icon that you can pinch and move in order to change the filter’s primary effect.

Because of the diverse array of controls that the app will offer, Nik has uploaded a set of video tutorials, accessible both through their website and YouTube. You can grab the app through iTunes for $4.99.