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For many people, shooting 3D is still a novelty, which means spending a lot on a camera capable of capturing the third dimension is kind of a wat. But DXG has come up with a new compact camera that comes at an astonishingly low price, and with a kid-friendly body. The DXG-018 will set you back just $69.99. It’s hardly a powerhouse of a camera — there’s a 1.44-inch screen on the back, it has fixed focal length lenses at f/2.8, and has just about the smallest sensors we’ve ever seen: 1/9″ CMOS that can output 0.3-megapixels. For power, it takes 2 AA or AAA batteries, depending on which part of the product description you read. It comes in five snappy colors: pink, lavender, orange, green and yellow.


Once you have the VGA quality images captured, they’re automatically formatted to fit two per 4×6 photo print, with a handy little dotted line so you know where to cut to separate the two views. Then you just slide them in one of the three included cardboard stereoscopic viewers, and you can relive your 3D experience. The spec page only mentions Windows compatability, so this may not work properly if you have a Mac.


While it may not be the most powerful camera we’ve ever seen, at $70 a pop, it’s remarkably affordable and intentionally kid friendly. In a press release Paul Goldberg, senior vice president of sales and marketing at DXG USA, said, “we designed the product with kids in mind, making it extremely easy to use and portable. The cardboard viewers are truly a fun and one-of-a-kind way to share 3D memories because they can be folded, dropped in an envelope and mailed to grandma who can feel like she’s in the scene with her grandkids.”

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