Crack Open a $6,000 Case of Carl Zeiss Prime SLR Lenses

Aimed at amateur film-makers, this collection of manual focus prime lenses comes with its own custom, waterproof home.

Zeiss Lens Case Main

If you’re familiar with Zeiss movie lenses, the idea of buying a whole case full of them at a time as part of a system probably doesn’t seem out of the ordinary. But, for us photography types, it’s a little odd. This week, however, they announced a package deal for their SLR lenses, including five essential, fast primes packed into a custom waterproof case. The padding is customized for each lens and there’s an empty spot in the foam in case you want to expand further.

The lenses included are as follows: Distagon T* 2,8/21, Distagon T* 2/28, Distagon T* 2/35, Planar T* 1,4/50 and Planar T* 1,4/85. It’s available for both Canon EF (ZE) and Nikon F (ZF.2) DSLRs and is aimed at the growing segment of DSLR users who spend a lot of time in video capture mode.

The whole thing starts shipping in May with a recommended retail price of $6,063 (converted from 4,562 Euros) excluding VAT. Some quick calculations put that price at about $200 cheaper than the price of the lenses alone if bought individually.