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Lensbaby is branching off into the “non-bending lens market” with the launch of the Scout, a manual-focus 12mm fisheye lens. Available in all popular mounts, the Scout offers a 160-degree viewing angle.

Because of the extremely wide angle of the lens, when mounted on a full frame camera, viewers will see a black circle around their entire image—while APS-sized-sensor shooters will only see black in the corners of their image. Also because of the extremely wide angle of the lens, the Scout is capable of focusing on subjects as close as half an inch away, offering shooters the ability to use the lens’ distortion to their advantage by moving closer to their subject.

In addition, just like many of the other Lensbaby products, the Scout offers apertures ranging from f/4 to f/22 that can be changed by unscrewing the lens and switching in a different sized aperture disk. Another nice feature, the Scout is fully compatible with the Lensbaby Optic Swap system.

The Scout is made up of six multi-coated glass elements that are contained in an all-aluminum body. Priced at $249.95 this lens is an inexpensive alternative to many of the other third-party fisheye lenses available—which can run you upwards of $500.