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Prego parts: Front of aluminum-bodied Prego 30 shows remote-control sensor (A), autofocus windows (B), meter port (C),viewfinder window (D), self-timer/anti-redeye LED (E), flashtube (F). Lens retracts completely flat into body.

Lens sharpness: Resolution was outstanding (best reading: 84 lines/mm) at the center and very good at the edge, at both wide-open and moderate apertures.

Flare: With just three lens elements, and Rollei’s super-duper HFTcoating, the lens showed virtually no flare and no ghosts in severe backlighting. Rating: outstanding.

Light falloff: Just moderate falloff for this focal length. Rating:very good.

Distortion: Nearly undetectable barrel distortion.

Overall lens rating: Excellent.

Flash: Better than adequate at its rated distance on slide film. Some corner and edge flash falloff, but not bad for this focal length.

Noise: All operations were on the noisy side, including power-up and shutdown, which were particularly raspy-sounding.

Conclusion: Cool, sharp, and convenient. Please, please, keeping making it, Rollei!