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There is one little detail that is noticeably missing from the Think Tank Rotation 360º, which is a dedicated memory card pouch or pocket. But don’t despair.

Think Tank makes a super-cool memory card carrying case, the Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket. This looks just like a typical nylon fold-up wallet, but it is specifically designed to hold up to 10 CF cards snugly and securely. There’s a see-through window to slide in a business card, should it get lost, but the odds of that happening diminish greatly when the Pocket Rocket is clipped securely to a belt loop or bag.

Leave those little plastic cases at home, and you’ve got all your cards in one secure location. I keep track of which cards are filled, but not backed up to a hard drive with the simple reversal method: Logo up, fresh card. Back of card showing: filled card ready to be backed up to the hard drive.

If all you shoot is SD cards, this is more than you’ll need, but, if you’re like me, with a bunch of CF cards, a handful of SD and xD cards, you’ll find that this is a great way to keep all those cards organized safely and securely in one small space.