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1/40 @ f/3.6 ISO 400, 144mm: IA locked onto this performer’s face and nailed the exposure.


1/100 @ f/3.6 ISO 800 244mm: The zoom on the FZ18 is quick and responsive, and allowed me to get closer and recompose my shot quickly. Face Detection nailed the exposure again.


1/50 @ f/3.6 ISO 400, 299mm: Face Detection locked on and kept track of this singer’s face even as she moved around during her performance.


1/30 @ f/3.2 ISO 400, 83mm: Face Detection exposed for the subject’s skintones, not the dark background.


1/20 @ f/3.2 ISO 400, 101mm: Face detection had troubles with these near-profiles, but IA chose Backlighting and still selected a good skintone exposure.


1/80 @ f/3.6 ISO 800, 257mm: Tungsten White Balance warmed up the skin tones in this image. There’s not excessive noise at ISO 800 based on our first impressions.


1/50 @ f/3.6 ISO 400, 222mm: There’s great detail in this stage scene as the show wraps up.


1/30 @ f/3.2 ISO 400, 104mm: We’re impressed by our sneak peek hands-on with the Panasonic Lumix FZ18. We can’t wait to test it in our lab and we’ll be happy to report our results as soon as possible. Check back in a few weeks!