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Film Lives!

In these digital days, when a camera company decides to add a new 35mm camera to its fleet, you might expect a low-priced, bottom-of-the-feature-barrel camera. Other SLR makers are doing just that. But not Canon.

Maybe this will be Canon’s last film Rebel (gasp) and maybe it won’t (depending on how film SLR Canons sell), but the T2 is strictly top-of-the-Rebel line, replacing the Rebel T1. The existing K2 and GII Rebels will continue to soldier on.

What does the T2 have? A new, cosmetically improved silver-finish polycarbonate body with a top shutter speed increased from 1/2000 to 1/4000 sec, film advance increased from 2.5 to 3 fps, and flash sync up from 1/90 to 1/125 sec. Exposure compensation and bracketing increased from ±2 to ±3 EV. The camera back sports a new fast-acting, four-key AF selection dial with an AF-mode selection button. It’s the first Rebel to have the E-TTL2 flash system built into the pop-up flash, and the first Rebel with custom functions-six of them. These include a choice of first- or second-curtain sync, AF-assist beam on or off, 10- or 2-sec self-timer, and a switch to center AF point with the AF-point selector.

Among other T1 features carried over to the T2: autofocus priority with limited release priority; center crossfield AF sensor plus six linear sensors; five programmed subject modes, shiftable program; shutter- and aperture-priority autoexposure plus manual; 35-zone evaluative, partial central area, and centerweighted metering (the latter in manual-exposure mode only); pop-up flash linked to three AF points; up to nine multiple exposures possible; and film prewinding to last frame with pictures taken during rewind.

The Rebel T2 kit with 28-90mm f/4-5.6 lens will be priced at $299 (street), slightly higher than the T1.