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Notice the nice shadow detail here, but the totally blown out side of the building and sky and even the asphalt? Get used to it. We saw a lot of shots like this from the Samsung L74 Wide.


There’s a lot of tourists in Times Square on this nice summer day, and there’s OK shadow detail, but at the expense of totally blown high-midtones and highlights.


Again, there’s great shadow detail, as close to 90% of this scene is shaded — but it doesn’t always work out like this. There’s usually a broader dynamic range, especially in outdoor, touristy type scenes.


We exposure-locked on the clouds, to try to pull them in a bit, but even they are a bit blown out. The shaded area detail is just too muddy.


Don’t get us wrong — it’s not all bad! Here, in this late afternoon scene, there is great detail in the shadows as a crowd watches this street artist make quick spray-paint paintings.


In scenes that don’t have a wide range of EVs, the L74 Wide performs well.


Variations on a scene. Moments apart, the L74 Wide metered for the shadows and lost detail in the sky. Next frame meters off the sky, turning everything else to mud.


This was shot in Self-Shot mode. I’m out of focus and overly dark. Neither face detection nor flash work in Self-Shot mode.


Again, seconds apart, two totally different takes on the scene. Check and double-check challenging exposures!


Here’s half a photo! Again, the L74 Wide struggles with lighting situations that many tourists are likely to encounter.


The Samsung L74 Wide does a pretty good job with this scene, but there is no detail whatsoever in the shirt of the person in the foreground. If this was you and your friends outside the Letterman show, you’d probably get similar results!