Camera Test: Pentax K100D Super

The newest DSLR from Pentax is a whole lot like its 6.1MP K100D, but with some special powers.


Even shooting outside in daylight, it pays to have in-camera stabilization like that in the Pentax K100D Super. When the weather turns dark and gray, just turn on the stabilization.


Shooting with the Pentax K100D Super inside Dylan’s Candy Bar, New York City’s modern day Willy Wonka Factory, proved nearly as exciting as watching the movie. Slow shutter speeds weren’t a problem with in-camera image stabilization.


Using a shutter speed of 1/6 sec combined with the flash resulted in a slight ghosting effect on people walking around the candy counter.


The Pentax did a great job capturing the bright and saturated colors. 1/6 sec, ISO 400.


The small flash atop the Pentax was more than enough to light big lollipops.


Shot at ISO 400 with a shutter speed of 1/60 sec, the picture shows very little noise.


Every color and every candy imaginable. 1/100 sec at f/5.


Every flavor, from Jelly Belly to Pina Colada and Chocolate Pudding to Dr. Pepper. 1/5 sec at f/5.6, ISO 400.


Take a seat at the candy bar for some ice cream. With image stabilization, we could use a shutter speed of 1/13 sec for good depth of field at f/11.


It got darker and darker as the day wore on, but we just switched on the stabilization and slowed down the shutter speed to 1/13 sec.


No extra light needed with image stabilization. 1/13 sec at f/5, ISO 400.


One of the coolest things in this store wasn’t edible — a multi-colored bike made by Ed Haas in Austria.


Dylan’s chocolate bars at Dylan’s Candy Bar. 1/13 sec at f/4.5, ISO 400.


Pre-packaged and wrapped bags of goodies for those on the run. 1/13 sec at f/8, ISO 400.