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Polaroid instant photography is tremendously fun, especially around the holidays. You know what’s not fun? Wasting expensive pack film on unreliable vintage Polaroid cameras. Right now, Amazon has brand new Polaroid Go ($82) and Polaroid Now ($99) cameras for more than 30 percent off their regular prices. That makes both of them below $100. If you already have a reliable Polaroid camera, the color film (with a circular image area) is currently down to $15.39 from $21.99 for a pack of eight exposures.

Polaroid Now camera with bag $99 (was $144)

This 600-series camera recreates a vintage Polaroid experience with modern conveniences like a rechargeable battery, improved autofocus, and a double exposure feature for creating unique images with no editing required.

Polaroid Go and Camera Case $82 (was $126)

This pint-sized camera only takes Polaroid Go film, but it’s smaller, lighter, and much easier to bring along than full-sized bodies. Despite its little size, it still offers improved AF and double exposures, just like its bigger sibling.

Polaroid Color Film for 600 – Round Frame $15.39 (was $21.99)

The round image format on this vibrant color film gives the prints a unique look that sets them apart from their truly vintage counterparts.