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Unless you’re shooting exclusively black-and-white images, color plays a crucial role in the overall look of your photography. Color management tools like Datacolor’s Spyder X Capture Pro kit can help ensure that those cool blue skies and warm golden-hour rays look exactly as you want them to. 



This kit typically costs $400, but it’s on sale for half-off right now for just $200. It includes the SpyderX Elite monitor calibration system, which reads the color performance of your monitor and tweaks it to provide accurate tones and brightness levels. That way, when you print or export your images, you won’t have to worry about whether the colors are accurate. We ranked this one of the best monitor calibration tools on the market at the moment.

Managing color goes beyond the editing process, however, and this kit works on every level. The Spyder Checkr provides a series of super-accurate color splotches. Take a shot with one in the frame at the start of your session, and you can automatically adjust the hue, saturation, and lightness levels for the rest of the shoot (as long as the light remains constant).

The Spyder Cube assists with color balance. It has grey, white, and black sides to help automatically dial in the correct color temperature throughout the tonal range. It’s like an amped-up grey card. 

Finally, the LensCal tool can help determine if your lenses are focusing in the correct spot. Lenses sometimes focus in front of or behind the spot you intend them to. With this tool, you can measure that offset and use the camera’s micro-adjustments to correct for it. This was more fo a problem with DSLRs than mirrorless cameras, but it’s worth checking every once in a while just to ensure you’re getting sharp images. 

This is a pro-grade kit and I’ve never seen it get close to this price before so grab it quickly.