_ISO 1600, f/3.6, 1/13 second. _ Tip 8: Turn up your ISO Since the lights won’t be bright enough, you’ll have to turn up the sensitivity of the camera’s sensor to allow for the fastest shutter speed you can muster. That means setting the camera’s ISO to a higher number. I mostly used ISO 800 and 1600 with the S8000 even though the camera goes all the way up to ISO 3200. Why not go all the way to 3200? Noise. The farther you turn up the ISO, the more noise your images will have. Turning on the camera’s “ noise reduction”, will help, but it will also blur away some valuable image detail in the process. You probably can abandon the idea of using a compact camera’s top ISO setting, but at one or two notches down, the noise level may be acceptable to you. Do some experimenting to see where you should draw the line. Don’t be afraid to jack the ISO all the way up for your last few shots. If you’re only planning on displaying small versions of your photos online, the results may be acceptable. Philip Ryan