Wireless flash triggers and their accessories help you fire your flashes or strobes from your camera without the use of connecting cords. That means a cleaner work environment, simpler setup, and more freedom of movement. The most sophisticated (and priciest) give you the most control. Here are five we like, from complex to simple.

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$177 Elinchrom Skyport Universal SPEED set Elinchrom’s original EL-Skyport transmitters and receivers were popular for their price and high level of control, but the latest versions have a much more robust build, including a locking collar that will make sure the transmitter doesn’t slip out of your hot-shoe. A bonus: users of Elinchrom’s RX-series strobes can even control strobe power from the camera.
$90 Hähnel Combi TF Available for Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and Panasonic, this trigger does double duty: It works both as a remote shutter release and as a flash trigger. As a shutter release, it can wirelessly control autofocus, continuous shooting, bulb mode, and trigger delay. And as a trigger, it can fire multiple flashes and studio lights.
$80 PocketWizard AC3 ZoneController Canon and Nikon shooters using PocketWizard’s MiniTT1 or FlexTT5 triggers can slide on this accessory and remotely control light levels for three or more Canon or Nikon TTL flashes, manually or automatically, using the AC3’s dials.
$48 Dot Line Corporation RS-RT03K This simple, 4-channel trigger will fire flashes from your camera’s hot-shoe or PC outlet. Its special feature? The receiver has a hole for your strobe’s umbrella, making it easy to add to your system.
$30 Flashpoint Infrared Remote Trigger The most basic kind of trigger is the one that simply makes your flash pop. Within a 30-foot range, this starter trigger from Adorama will fire as many flashes as you have that work with a built-in or attached slave.