Patience for Treats

Photo: Stephen Valliere Waiting for a treat. CAMERA: HTC ONE

Summer Song

Photo: Sandra Cox The carnival comes to town right around Labor Day, making it a true symbol that summer is unofficially over. Farmers and 4-H kids come to show off their livestock and home-ec skills. The Ferris Wheel is quite visible by the interstate and can be seen from various points in the city. CAMERA: ZTE Valet

Deep reflection

Photo: Yashaswi Rajashekhar A young man lost in thoughts, looking down a deep valley. CAMERA: Iphone 5

Silhouetted Woman in Cannon Beach Sunset

Photo: Christopher Scott A woman dressed in a sari walks along the beach in front of a radiant sunset at Cannon Beach. CAMERA: iPhone 5C

Reflejos III.

Photo: Andrea de Gyves Reflection of buildings seen from residual water on the street. Was taken with a samsung galaxy sIII mini. Filtred with vscocam. CAMERA: samsung galaxy sIIII mini.

Early morning walk

Photo: Julie Simmons Early morning walk along the shore. The clouds were dancing in the sky as the sun was rising. I noticed a lone walker. CAMERA: i phone 4

Main Market Square in Krakow in the early morning

Photo: By Lukasz Gurbiel All editing was done on Samsung Galaxy S III in Aviary for Android. Main Market Square in Krakow in Poland. A woman moves against the St. Mary’s Basilica. The building on the right is the Cloth Hall. CAMERA: Samsung Galaxy S III

Going Up

Photo: Herbert Freedom Taken using android smartphone then edit in snapseed and cropped with photoshop. CAMERA: android smartphone


Photo: Mehdi Abbasi A young girl at home looking out the window. CAMERA: Samsung Mobile

The sounds of the old town

Photo: Michal Koralewski iPhone 5s + Snapseed, VSCO Cam, Mattebox CAMERA: iPhone 5s


Photo: Janis Kokk Driving home one evening there was a thick fog all over the city and I stopped to take this picture on the outskirts of Tallinn. CAMERA: iPhone 5

Portrait of Meryl the Boston Terrier

Photo: Ludwig Wagner Photographed & edited with iPhone5S in Tooting Common, London CAMERA: iPhone5S

Urban Zoo

Photo: Jaber AlAzmeh Giraffes CAMERA: iphone 5

b&w sunset

Photo: Aleksandar Milovanovski Full-body portrait shot just before sunset. CAMERA: Samsung galaxy S III

Upper Antelope Canyon

Photo: Melinda Borel This was taken in the Upper Antelope Canyon using the Chrome filter. CAMERA: iPhone 5

Mr. Sappling

Photo: Allenn Montilla This picture was shot and edited all on my iPhone. I took a picture of my friend (body silhouette) and then I snapped a few pictures of some trees around my local park. I then combined these pictures using an app called Art Studio. CAMERA: iPhone

jonathan livingston seagull

Photo: Dmitry Selivanov I took this picture from the bridge in my hometown Vologda. Lonely seagull always always resemble me great Richard Bach’s story. Editing in Iphone only (Snapseed and Afterlight apps) CAMERA: Iphone 4


Photo: Rohit Saha Playing football with the sea as your audience. CAMERA: Nokia Lumia 925

Belly dance

Photo: Рамиль Якупов At the wedding of the sister of the bride decided to make a gift and danced for young belly dance. I was so fascinated by her body, grace, plastic that could not resist not to take a picture of it. Edit:Photo Editor by Aviary CAMERA: Nokia Lumia 1020


Photo: Jennifer Schneeberger My fiancé, taken in the RainRoom Exhibition at MOMA in NYC. Taken on an iPhone 5, Edited with Camera Bag. CAMERA: iPhone 5

Mr. Pelican

Photo: Mary Holt The pelicans on the St. Pete pier are probably the camera-friendly creatures I’ve ever seen. I’d like to say that this was a once-in-a-lifetime shot and that I was just in the right place at the right time, but really, these guys like to hang out near the tourists and don’t seem to mind if you get in their bubble a little bit. CAMERA: HTC Evo


Photo: Ralph Acosta I can’t remember the name of the place to be honest, but I was at an apple orchard just by inland empire with my girl friend one of my closest friends just for fun, and technically our first couple shoot. We walked underneath the trees, and I looked up, closed my eyes for a moment, and enjoyed the sound of everything around me, and kept staring at it, then I took this. CAMERA: iphone5


Photo: Sabina Miklowitz Self portrait. Edited in Pixlr Express. I probably looked a little crazy, headbanging with my phone at arm’s length until I got the hair just right… CAMERA: Samsung Galaxy S3


Photo: Anna Ivantsova The man walks past the ventilation shaft in the winter CAMERA: iphone 4s

struggle is never easy

Photo: Hafiezh Muhammady Someone struggle in achieving the goal. CAMERA: iPhone 5

Autumn shades

Photo: Catrinel Cotae Old ivy on Roskilde Church, in Denmark.


Photo: Danilo Iván Hernández Castellanos Peanuts from Huehuetenango CAMERA: Galaxy S4

In a rush

Photo: Phillip Martin Pan of NYC taxi on early rainy morning. CAMERA: Iphone5

Doorway to the Sea

Photo: Michael Hindman Escaped to La Jolla to grab a photo of Scripps pier. CAMERA: iPhone


Photo: James Vitullo This photograph was taken at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, IL. I used my iPhone in order to capture this moment. I was with one of my friends and our goal was to take that perfect picture, and we happily achieved our goal. Photoshop and the app Snapseed were extremely helpful in the editing of this image. CAMERA: iPhone

The Heart Is The Compass

Photo: Tzu-Yu Lu Let you heart lead you. Believe that it will take you to the better place. So, just enjoy the journey. 🙂 CAMERA: HTC One Mini


Photo: Berdine Briones Stumbled upon this abandoned barn with atypical architectural features. It is located just off the Mississippi River in Minnesota. CAMERA: IPhone 5

Energy Lines

Photo: Maeve Mugglebee I took this photo in the corner of a general store in Silverlake. I saw this lamp behind some books and other things and thought it was cool looking. CAMERA: iPhone 4S

Too Young to Know, Too Old to be Okay

Photo: Maeve Mugglebee This photo was taken with my iPhone 4S right after my siblings and I got back from school. My brother, Liam, got to the top of the stairs that lead to our front door and ran around to the side of the house. I decided to follow him to get him to come inside. As I followed him, I saw him make a particular face that caught my eye. I told him I needed him to do it again and he did. I got my phone out and took this photo of him. CAMERA: iPhone 4S

Catch of the Day

Photo: Mohamed Ishan Caught a grouper in Maldives CAMERA: iphone 5s

Diner at Museum

Photo: Brenda Roos Perhaps the restaurant is the most exciting place at the museum… CAMERA: iPhone5s


Photo: Ryan Hall My son enjoying the fall leaves. CAMERA: iPhone 4s

Reflection At the Beach (Macro Lens)

Photo: Hemali Patel Forgive the partial eyeliner, the ocean breeze makes my eyes stream buckets. Your eyes really are a window to the world, and if you have a certain lens/curtain covering them, perspective can be shifted. E.g. if you view the world through a negative veil, you will see negativity. But if you view the world through a lens of positivity, you will see beauty. I thought the sharpness of the eyelash reflection in the iris as well as the serenity of the ocean depicted this well. CAMERA: iPhone 4S

Anna Marie Island

Photo: Nicole Bajda The water is cool, so stick your feet in! CAMERA: iPhone 5

Painted Face Closeup

Photo: Shelby Clark This photo is the result of a creative whim. The paint is actual acrylic paint and is not the result of editing. CAMERA: Iphone

Strawberry Cucumbers

Photo: Chris Rowley Spending time with my parents in Dallas, I snapped this shot with my Samsung Galaxy S4 and a macro lens which attaches magnetically to the phone. CAMERA: Samsung Galaxy S4

Ducks by the ramp

Photo: Craig Ingman Boat dock at Twanoh State Park

Majestic Dog

Photo: Łukasz Kurek I found my dog (Bobik) in very majestic pose. He was resting after running through a field like a crazy. CAMERA: iPhone 5s

Crippled spider over a cactus

Photo: Alberto Gaytán Mtz. A white spider resting over a cactus. CAMERA: HTC Sensation

The Sun’s Last Light

Photo: Dana Raynor We had just gotten our dog, a 9 month old Boxer/Whippet mix that we rescued from a local shelter, and I quickly learned that we didn’t rescue him; he rescued us. Having a dog pushed us to get out and explore new areas on our nightly walks. On this particular night, we were having a brilliant sunset, so I got down low with my cell phone and fisheye attachment and exposed for the sky so that I could silhouette our dog against the brightly colored sky. Edited in the Snapseed app. CAMERA: iPhone 4

unbloomed 2

Photo: Jenny Khoja Captured this unbloomed flower with a macro lens attached to my iPhone CAMERA: iPhone

In the end…

Photo: Sara Millan In the dark, look for the light, do not be discouraged there is always a way out.. CAMERA: iphone 5

Honu Splash

Photo: Anthony Tortoriello A resting honu on the beaches of Hawaii about to get slashed by a wave coming to shore. Aloha! 🙂 CAMERA: iPhone5S

Lonely Pigeon

Photo: Sasientran Krishnan Photo taken when the pigeon stays alone when group of other pigeon hunting for food CAMERA: Samsung Galaxy S4


Photo: Brendan Turnbull A storm rolls through the Columbia River Gorge at Crown Point and the Vista House CAMERA: iPhone 4s

Morning Bloom

Photo: Stephen Evans Captured with a cheap LG phone, processed with VSCO. CAMERA: LG