Nikon J1 Thumb

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We got a chance to spend some quality time with Nikon’s new interchangeable-lens compacts at a Nikon event here in NYC. While the cameras were the main event, a selection of possible future accessories gave an extremely interesting look into the future of the 1. Colors The J1 is already available in five different colors, but there were a handful more on display. Most of them were bright and metallic, which is in line with the more consumer-oriented tilt of the less-expensive J1. It looks like Nikon has the capabilities to do a wide variety of colors for both bodies and lenses. The black body seemed to have the nicest finish, though, offering an extremely grippy surface.
Lenses Nikon was also teasing a selection of upcoming lenses with non-specific names like “portrait prime lens” and “macro telephoto lens.” There wasn’t a lot of info to be had about each one, but the presence of 6 or so new possible lenses suggests that Nikon will be expanding the optical options as quickly as they can.
Rubber Strap and Case It may not be as impressive as a new piece of glass or an electronic add-on, but this simple latex case seems like it should be a no-brainer for Nikon to actually bring into production. It’s all one piece and integrates a protective case and a flexible strap. There’s a grip integrated into the case as well, which nicely compliments the otherwise flat face.
More colors of the rubber strap concept. Because the strap is such a simple design, it likely wouldn’t be hard for them to crank out in whatever shade they like. And because the J1 is even more consumer-oriented, colorful accessories may actually be a factor when it comes to purchasing decisions.
Video kit Different kit options for a camera like this always seem like a good idea. This is a pretty good example of what a video kit would look like, including a second display and a light. The current flash unit for the V1 has an LED video light, but it’s only compatible with their one-second slow-motion captures.
Projector Nikon is still the only game in town when it comes to cameras with a built-in projectors, so it only makes sense that they would bring it over to their new line. It would also make use of the V1’s big battery, which would likely provide plenty of juice for even a relatively powerful light source.
Ring Light They did say that a Macro lens may be on the way, which makes a ring light addition a natural extension. It’s not quite as cool as the dual snake lights Olympus has for their PEN system, but a set up like this might even make for unique portraits in addition to the close-up shots.
Extended light grip Another example of a lighting rig including an extra monitor, an external microphone and a battery grip with a built-in light. The V1 uses a DSLR battery, so it will likely have plenty of juice, especially when it’s drawing from two of them.
Another Light Bracket It looks like Nikon is toying with quite a few different set-ups when it comes to external lighting. We inquired about the possibility of wireless flash control, but they say that’s not currently in the works. Still, it looks like they have plenty of options in mind for external illumination, at least on the video front.
Here’s a bonus shot of a few more different color options that might eventually be available. We wouldn’t be surprised to see any of these rolling out some time in the future as a limited edition release.