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We have covered a lot of cameras so far this Photokina, but there are some other great products on the floor as well. Lowepro is showing off their revamped Street and Field system gear carrying system. Judging by the amount of compatible accessories on display today, they seem to think it’s going to be a winner.
The whole system is based around either the S&F Technical Vest or a S&F Technical Harness, both of which can be connected to a one of the system belts. Once those items are in place, you can attach other, smaller bags and pouches via the familiar velcro loops that Lowepro has been using forever.
The S&ampF Lens Exchange Case 200 AW is one of the coolest pieces of the system and looks like a typical lens holster when it’s closed up…
But when it’s opened, there are two padded slots that fold outward. You can’t actually carry two lenses in it, but it’s meant to give you a place to put the lens you take off your body when switching glass. Anyone who has ever dropped a lens mid-switch will have no problem appreciating the genius behind that.
The S&F Laptop Utility Backpack 100 AW is small, but versatile. It fully integrates with the belt in case you’re not into the whole vest look.
The S&F Transport Duffle Backpack isn’t actually meant to be used with the vest or the harness. It’s actually meant to carry all of the smaller system pieces to the shoot location. Then it folds up for easy storage. Seems like overkill for most shooters, but those who do a lot of on-location shooting might find this a great solution.
S&F Deluxe Technical Belt is extremely sturdy and offers some support in addition to the storage. That’s certainly something we could have used today after a full day on the show floor.