The Goods

A 20X superzoom camera that won't weigh you down, a big printer for luscious landscapes, and more cool stuff you'll want this spring.

**Make your photos stick with, which prints vinyl pics that cling to any smooth surface.

**Make a music video by uploading some shots to, and you'll end up with a killer slide show.

**Filter out the trash with, a photo community that weeds out the bad shots so you don't have to.

**Make your child famous at, where you can turn a photo of your kid into an adventure storybook.

**Have Brad Pitt's baby when you combine your photos at

**Wear your pixels by strapping Go Pro's waterproof 3MP digital camera on your wrist. Check it out at

**Make a flipbook of baby's first steps when you convert your videos at ($8, direct).

**Score a goal by giving a sports fan the SoccerCam, a digital camera inside a soccer ball ($70, direct;

**Scare your dentist with Justin Quinnell's SmileyCam, a bite-size pinhole camera ($23, direct;

**Raise a filmmaker when you let your child make movies with an effect-laden, kid-friendly camcorder ($160, direct;

**Add a little color to a black-and-white shot with the super-easy, one-stop image editor Color Select Studios ($15, direct).

**Put yourself in the game when you add your own pictures and property names with Photo-opoly ($30, direct).

**Bounce pop-up flash by snapping a Lightscoop over it, a little piece of plastic genius ($30, direct).

**Use the wind to charge your camera when you plug it into a HYmini wind-powered charger and stick it out the window ($50, direct).

**Spy on your stylist with a wireless camera hidden in a hairdryer for $325, direct.


*Put your photos where your mouth is* when you have them printed on cake- or cupcake-sized icing sheets at


*Turn pixels into paychecks* with New York Institute of Photography's Complete Course in Professional Photography at home (starting at $948, direct;


*Know what you can pack* when you take the advice of photographer and frequent flyer Steven Frischling on his blog, Flying with Fish (


*Turn a portrait into pop art* with the Warholizer from Big Huge Labs (