Free Online Editor Offers Extensive Film Emulations

Software developer Jonas Wagner has just created a free online analog film editor based off of Pat David‘s 2013 set of color lookup tables.

The website is powered by Javascript and applies the film emulations to any photo you upload. The editing process exists only within your browser, so you are not submitting your photos to Wagner’s service (if that’s a concern of yours).

The site includes a lengthy dropdown menu of various film stocks you can emulate, and there are also sliders that allow you to adjust brightness, contrast, vibrance, grain, and vignetting.

We tested three of the many options, and here are the results:

Triangle 100
Lomo Slide 200
Neo 1600 with Grain

Once you have edited an image and are content with it, you can click Download at the top of the screen to save a copy of the edited version to your desktop.

Wagner has explained his process in detail in a blog post here.