Nikon Museum Camera Collection Up For Sale
Nikkorex F sn 406299, Nikkor-S 50mm/2.0 sn 573722, Nikkorex exposure meter
Nikon E2Ns sn 7200016, AF-Nikkor 50mm/1.8, image memory card EC 15 15MB
Gear photo

Nikon F sn 7183868, Nikkor-O 21mm/4.0 sn 220239, viewfinder 21mm, motor winder, grip, Quick charger MH1

Nikon F2 Black sn 7465754, Nikkor 50mm/1.4 sn 4142918, Nikon MD-3 sn 540870, viewfinder sn 67209, Nikon MB-2
Nikon F2 H-MD sn 7850072, Nikon MD-100 sn 785097, MB-100
Nikon F90 dummy sn 2
Nikon FA sn 5019642, Medical Nikkor AUTO 200mm/5.6 sn 121295, Nikon AC unit LA-1
Nikon M sn 6091744, Nikkor Q.C 135mm/3.5 sn 255001, variframe finder sn 364187. (1949)
Nikon M sn 6091744, Nikkor Q.C 135mm/3.5 sn 255001, variframe finder sn 364187. (1949)
Nikon SP sn 6205731, Nikkor-N 50mm/1.1 sn 140949, exposure meter
Nikonos sn 928158, W-Nikkor 35mm/2.5 sn 214000

If you love classic Nikon gear, it’s probably time to cash in that 401(K) because this massive collection of truly awesome old cameras is up for auction on eBay right now.

The collection has 76 small lots, some of which have a number of pieces. It’s being sold by the Leica Store in Lisse, Netherlands and some of the pieces are totally insane.

You can click through the gallery above to see some of the more notable additions, including some very old original Nikon rangefinder cameras and even some early digital models that were made in conjunction with Fujifilm. They’re built like medium format bodies to make room for all of the electronics.

There are some unique cameras like the FA for Medical use, as well as a few demo products like an F90 SLR with a clear shell so you can see the guts inside.

Even if you’re not a Nikon shooter, this is the kind of collection about which we could spend forever nerding out.

The Buy It Now price is $60,000, so it’s not cheap, and it does include a few funny additions like the venerable FM10, which Nikon may or may not actually still sell depending on if they have stock left. Still, this would look amazing on our shelves. How many of these have you owned?

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