CVS Shuts Down Photo Printing Site After Customer Credit Card Info Is Compromised has been compromised. Time to check those statements hacked

At one time, CVS did a ton of photo business, back when people would drop off film for one-hour processing. They haven’t exactly been a powerhouse since then, but now their online photo printing service is offline all together. Why? An all too familiar reason: it got hacked.

According to an announcement on, the site is currently completely shut down while they investigate a breach that reportedly compromised the credit card information of their customers. Here's a copy and paste of the full announcement.

We have been made aware that customer credit card information collected by the independent vendor who manages and hosts may have been compromised. As a precaution, as our investigation is underway we are temporarily shutting down access to online and related mobile photo services. We apologize for the inconvenience. Customers who provided credit card information for transactions on are advised to check their credit card statements for any fraudulent or suspicious activity and to call their bank or financial institution to report anything of concern. Customer registrations related to online photo processing and are completely separate from,, on line bill pay and our pharmacies. Financial transactions on,, and in-store are not affected. Nothing is more central to us than protecting the privacy and security of our customer information, including financial information. We are working closely with the vendor and our financial partners and will share updates as we know more. For more information, call 1-800-SHOP-CVS.

So, if you have done any business with CVS Photos, it’s time to check that bank statement and keep an eye on things.