Self high five selfie social media trend
Self high five selfie social media trend
This is probably not the best use of your time. Twitter

Somewhere along the way, selfies got pretty boring. It actually happened really early on for many of us, but it certainly kept many people on social media entertained for a while. But, eventually the novelty started wearing thin and people started looking for ways to make selfies more exciting. The most recent method involves tossing your phone in the air and trying to take a picture of you giving yourself a high-five. No, really, that’s a thing people are currently doing.

This tweet from a college student seems to be the epicenter of the trend:

It’s blurry, because the phone is falling when the picture is taken. As this Gizmodo post points out, lots of people seem to be messing up their phones trying to recreate it.

Honestly, taking a picture of high-fives can be pretty tough. Getting the timing exactly right, even with a camera that shoots at a high frame rate, can be a real challenge. But this doesn’t really seem worth it. Thank you, internet. Thank you.