Tanner Yeager
Image By: Tanner Yeager.

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Tanner Yeager

What Inspires You?
“I’ve been shooting professionally for around 2 years and I’m still evolving my style, but my main passion is action sports, and capturing all the heart, dedication and emotion that go into it. I can feel it and see it whenever competitors get on a rodeo horse or BMX bike, and my goal is to express authentic emotions like determination, the exultation of winning, and the agony of defeat in compelling images. I want to tell the story of their struggle to succeed and convey the visceral reality of their experience.”

What Enables You?
“The Canon EOS 6D DSLR is the perfect camera for what I do because it can capture incredibly brilliant and detailed images at high ISOs in low light. Even at ISO 6400 its performance is outstanding with very good sharpness and color saturation and surprisingly low noise. I’m also impressed by its ergonomic control layout and how easy and intuitive it is to operate. AI Servo works extremely well for action shooting, and the camera is relatively light, compact and beautifully balanced, a big plus when you’re walking around a track all day. The full frame EOS 6D camera is also an exceptional value, an important consideration for pros who are just starting out.”