Kevin Winzeler
Image by Kevin Winzeler.

Kevin Winzeler

What Inspires You?
“As a lifelong athlete and sports enthusiast I’m inspired by the dedication end effort needed to achieve moments of physical perfection in sports. My goal is to capture the essence of these magical moments—to convey the feelings, emotions, and visceral sensations of the human body in motion in images that tell a compelling story. To recreate these experiences for viewers you have to internalize these feelings in your heart and mind and also get the timing and movements just right. That’s why this conceptual image says ‘football’ even though it wasn’t shot on the field.”

What enables you?
“I rely on the Canon 5D Mark III for most of my work. It delivers exceptional image quality, and provides outstanding performance at high ISOs so I can shoot handheld in low light and with long lenses. It’s extremely responsive, with ultra-fast, accurate AF, and boots up really quickly so I can get going in an instant. Its moderate size and weight are a real plus when I’m out there on location shooting from a mountain bike, and it’s solid and dependable. The versatility of the 5D Mark III is truly amazing—I can use it to grab production and advertising stills,and superb HD video to tell the whole story.”