apple aperture

Apple has updated Digital Camera RAW for Mountain Lion to version 4.05, officially adding support for the newest crop of RAW shooting Fujifilm cameras. The newest update brings compatibility for the:

  • Fujifilm X20
  • Fujifilm X100S
  • Fujifilm X-E1
  • Fujifilm X-Pro1

You can crab the update manually from Apple’s site, or from inside Aperture or iPhoto. This release has been hotly anticipated by Fujifilm photographers who opt to use Aperture rather than Lightroom, and can now finally start properly editing their images from their newest camera.

[ED NOTE: I know this is a short post and doesn’t apply to all that many people, but it does make us curious what Apple’s strategy going forward will be with their image editing programs. Aperture still has a dedicated following, but with competitors like Adobe’s Lightroom making advances all the time, it will be interesting to see if they make a play to regain some marketshare. — Stan Horaczek]