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Opening tonight at Yossi Milo in New York is a selection of prints by Mike Brodie entitled A Period of Juvenile Prosperity. For four years starting in 2004, Brodie documented the vagabond lifestyle, hopping trains that crisscrossed the United States with friends.

From "A Period of Juvenile Prosperity"

From “A Period of Juvenile Prosperity”

Brodie is about as outsider as it gets, in terms of the art world—accorting to his site, he now works as a “mobile diesel mechanic” having recently graduated the Nashville Auto Diesel College.

He no longer photographs regularly, but the four years of work he accumulated has rightfully caught the attention of publishers and galleries around the world. Accompanying the Yossi Milo show is a new book of the same name, published by Twin Palms and available here.

Slate today also has a brief email interview with Brodie and some additional photographs—check it out here.