Exhibitions photo
Julie Cockburn’s “Bubble Hill,” 2013, featuring hand embroidery on a found photograph. © Julie Cockburn

Yossi Milo Gallery, New York, through January 25 yossimilo.com

British artist Julie Cockburn is a master at bending the lines—altering photographic images through collage and embroidery, transforming landscapes with layered objects, and using vintage imagery to construct her own revisionist narratives. She discovers ephemera and secondhand imagery by trawling the internet—as well as garage sales—and her methods of reconstructing these pieces partly stem from her training as a sculptor. Her process, she says, is like “having a conversation with the image…perhaps adding what seems to be hidden there or missing, unspoken. I often feel that the original images were somehow waiting for me to complete them in this way.” Cockburn’s new book, Conversations (Tycoon Books), accompanies the exhibition.