Exhibitions photo

As Bryan showed us last week, there’s a lot of ways to find photography online. But I think even the most fervent of internet photography hounds would agree that the digital experience of photography still hasn’t fully replaced the experience of looking at physical objects. Even as more and more books are released for the iPad, it seems like they’re still trying to emulate the experience of an actual book. We think it’s important to keep an eye on new sites for photography–and not just ones on the internet.

In Pittsburgh, Spaces Corners is a new “bookshop, gallery, and project space” for photography. The website looks like it’s taken heavy design cues from J&L Books, which is definitely a good thing, and perhaps it’s no coincidence that many J&L titles are also on sale. Each book has its own individual page, which shows clear photographs of the inside. The books can be ordered online; I recommend Mike Slack’s “OK OK OK.”

Carte Blanche is a new space slated to open up in San Francisco’s Mission district at the end of November. According to founder Gwen LaFage, it will be “an online gallery, gallery and bookstore.” (The website should be fully operational soon.) The goals of the gallery are to promote photography from around the world, and to make photography accessible to a wider audience. We can get behind that!

Meanwhile, in London, the Victoria and Albert Museum is opening up an entirely new gallery dedicated to photography on October 24. According to the museum’s site, the gallery will “chronicle the history of photography from 1839 up to the 1960s.” The Guardian has a video touring the new gallery on their site.

Dan Abbe is a writer and photographer working in Tokyo. He writes a blog about Japanese photography, Street Level Japan. On Twitter he’s @d_abbe.