More Great Photobooks, Exposed on the Web

After a few months of construction, the Claxton Projects website re-launched last week.

As you may have noticed, ’tis the season for lists of photo books, all plump with potential additions for your Christmas list. Claxton Projects is definitely a site to keep your eye on, because if you don’t live next to a great photo book store, it can be difficult to look at anything but the cover of high-quality photo books. Claxton Projects solves this problem by posting detailed images of great photo books from around the world. In just a couple of clicks you can jump from looking at Bruce Davidson’s legendary New York photo project “Subway” to the work of Japan’s Tomoyuki Sakaguchi. The images of the books themselves are extremely clear, and the site is not just easy to use but encourages you to browse around. All in all, it’s a great resource, whether you’re looking to buy a book, or just want to enjoy the pleasure of looking at excellent photographs.

Tomoyuki Sakaguchi, from "Home"

Tomoyuki Sakaguchi, from “Home”

The site is edited by Tom Claxton, an Englishman living in New York who works as a photo agent. Apart from Claxton Projects, he frequently tweets about his experiences in the photo world, often showing a cutting sense of humor: “So that’s why you shouldn’t meet your photo heros! How a creator of such tender poignant work, can be such an arrogant megalomaniac arse!?”

In the same vein, Jörg Colberg of Conscientious has been posting videos to his Google+ page, showing off some of the books from his collection. It’s another great way to preview photography books on the internet.