Magnum’s Donovan Wylie Wants to Photograph Your Wedding This Weekend Free of Charge

Belfast-born Magnum photographer Donovan Wylie is offering to photograph a wedding this weekend in Portland, Oregon, and “provide all the photos for free” to the couple, according to an Instagram post by Rozalyn Crews (h/t Pete Brook). Wylie, a member of Magnum since 1998, is known for shooting beautifully dispassionate, often typological landscape and architectural photos. With topics ranging from Irish prisons to NATO outposts in Afghanistan, his images are politically and socially charged exploring power, authority, and the legacy of conflict. It’s incredibly rare to see this kind of documentary photographer enter the practical domain of wedding photography (it brings to mind when TIME commissioned conflict photographer Yuri Kozyrev to shoot the Bolshoi Ballet) so the results should be fascinating. If the lucky couple feels so inclined as to share the images from the day, please get in touch.