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One of the most interesting aspects of Japanese photography is that it has an incredibly rich history. It did not take long for photographic technology to reach these shores, and, obviously, Japanese camera manufacturers are still among the most respected today. Among other things, the strength of the camera industry in Japan led to a magazine industry which has been—until recent years, at least—formidable in its own right. We’ve been able to take a look back at some extremely early British photography publications, and now, a Tumblr account is bringing some of the goodness contained in Japan’s “golden age” to light. Japan Camera Mag is a Tumblr which posts original scans of advertisements and photographs in Japanese camera magazines.

It’s run by none other than John Sypal, the man behind Tokyo Camera Style, an extraordinarily popular Tumblr which we profiled way back in 2011.

So Japan Camera Mag may not be a global sensation (yet), but it is absolutely worth following; you’re not likely to see these scans anywhere else. We’re just waiting for one of them make it big on Tumblr, and we’ll do a Behind the Notes post about it…