Instagram photo

I love when a big name in art photography pops up on Instagram. Today, I stumbled upon the mobile work of Todd Hido, the San Francisco based photographer with work in just about every major museum in the United States (he started posting photos a few weeks ago).

© Todd Hido

Hido is perhaps most famous for his studies of the American landscape, especially homes and apartment buildings. But he also has a distinct, fashion-minded portraiture style, which makes up the bulk of his Instagram output to date. Hido is fond of the #nofilter tag, but it’s hard to guess if these images are coming straight from a phone camera. Some have the characteristic colors and noise, and yet others look like they’re re-posts of photos made on film. In both, the aesthetic is vintage.

Update: Hido writes on Twitter: “It’s all analog instamatic 126 film, so not mobile phone photography.”

Here’s hoping Hido keeps up the output. Definitely worth a follow: @toddhido.

© Todd Hido