Instagram photo

We love Instagram here at American Photo — it’s a tremendous way to keep up to date with the daily lives of family, friends and even pro photographers. And in the days of advanced gear, lighting, and digital manipulation, Instagram offers a level playing field and an open community for all photographers to enjoy. It’s not about the filters.

We launched the American Photo Instagram account with the goal of giving some of our favorite photographers a chance to share their work in an informal setting. Photojournalist Brendan Bannon kicks things off with his coverage of New York City Fashion Week 2014, which he is shooting for Polaris.

Bannon is a well accomplished photojournalist, who, up until recently had been working out of Nairobi Kenya (You can read an interview with him about his time in Kenya, here). He regularly shoots for such titles as _ The New York Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Guardian._

It is our hope, that by following @AmericanPhotoMag on Instagram, we can fill your feed with more breathtaking photography, from some of the industry’s best (thereby replacing all those cat photos, over-saturated landscapes, and photos of food you likely now see).

And if there are any photographers in particular you’d like to see us hand the keys to ship over to, feel free to drop their names in the comments below. We’ll do our best to reach out to them!

-Dan Bracaglia, Associate Web Editor