This 26-Gigapixel Panorama of the NHL Finals Is Mesmerizing, Even If You’re Not a Hockey Fan

RIP productivity thanks to this massive panorama of hockey fans

26-Gigapixel Image of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals

I realize that posting a gigapixel panorama like this on a Monday can be a bit dangerous. There's quite a potential to spend lots of time (maybe even office time) poking around the image's massive resolution, looking for interesting or hilarious details. This 26-gigapixel image was taken during the NHL's Stanley Cup Finals in Chicago and it's full of great little tid bits you can find by clicking around.

We have seen a lot of gigapixel panos before, but the presentation on this one is actually very nice. The site itself allows you to tag yourself or a friend using Facebook integration, so if you were in the crowd, you can actually pinpoint your location.

26-Gigapixel Image of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals

They have also added a photo hunt game, which asks you to find certain things in the photo by zooming in and hunting around. Sure, it’s a novelty, but that’s the kind of thing that’s perfect on the internet.

I’m admittedly not the world’s biggest hockey fan, but I still spent some time this AM just looking for interesting people. I found a lot of people looking at their phones.

I hope the trend of images like this from big events continues. You should also check out (what used to be) the world's biggest, which checks in at 45 gigapixels.