Audubon Photography Awards

Grand Prize Winner: Great Egret

Photo: Melissa Groo/Audubon Photography Awards

Professional Winner: Double-crested Cormorant

Photo: Chris Gug/Audubon Photography Awards

Fine Art Winner: Laughing Gull, Double-crested Cormorant, Royal Tern

Photo: Constance Mier/Audubon Photography Awards

Amateur Winner: Prothonotary Warbler

Photo: Donald Wuori/Audubon Photography Awards

Professional Honorable Mention: Sandhill Crane

Photo: Jason Savage/Audubon Photography Awards

Purple Gallinules

Photo: Mary Angela Luzader/Audubon Photography Awards

Amateur Honorable Mention: American Flamingo

Photo: Steve Russell/Audubon Photography Awards

Amateur Honorable Mention: Black Skimmer

Photo: Tim Timmis/Audubon Photography Awards

Youth Winner: Painted Bunting

Photo: Zachary Webster/Audubon Photography Awards

Birds are some of the most amazing creatures on this wonderful planet of ours, but they aren’t the easiest to photograph. The Audubon Society put a call out to bird photographers from around the world to show off their stuff in their 2015 Photography Awards. Now, they have announced the winners and the results are very impressive.

You can check out the winners above, then head over to the Audubon site to check out more of the entries and every other possible type of wonderful bird nerdery you could ever imagine.