Open Source Image Editor GIMP Just Got Much Easier to Run in Mac OS X

No more need to get X11 up and running to use the powerful free image editor, version 2.8.2 is a fully self-contained app



GIMP — the GNU Image Manipulation Program — has long been an open source alternative to high-cost and proprietary applications like Photoshop. While free to use, it's had a reputation for a clunky interface, and Mac users have often been stymied by the requirement to run it through the X11 environment. While not difficult to do, it's incredibly unintuitive and has been a barrier to adoption for many. However, with the newest stable release of GIMP, that requirement is now gone! That's right, GIMP 2.8.2 now has a totally native OS X app.

We've just released GIMP 2.8.2, the first update to the new stable version of GIMP. The update brings several dozens of fixes to various issues of all scales. Most notorious bugs fixed are: not being able to remember JPEG saving options, slow canvas redraw, not showing page setup options on Windows. There's also a workaround for the bug that used to cause showing incorrect file size values on Windows. For the complete list of changes please see the NEWS file. Additionally we did a lot of work to make a native build of GIMP for Mac a possibility. The official will be available soon. Windows installers of v2.8.2 will be available from the usual location shortly.

What that means is that GIMP now functions like any other Mac app. You simply download the DMG, and then drag the app onto your hard drive. It's far more straightforward than any previous version.