One of the trickiest parts about fashion photography is getting the model’s pose to match the picture you have in your brain. The model/photographer relationship is a delicate one and the following videos should help you get more natural looking expressions and body positions, which will ultimately lead to better photos. We asked both photographers and the models how to make the most of a shooting session.

The videos themselves were created as part of the American Photo Model Shoot, a traveling, day-long workshop that presents photographers with a collection of models, instructors, and lighting scenarios with the ultimate goal of creating portfolio-worthy images that would otherwise take tons of time to arrange. But, whether you’re in a studio, at a workshop, or just shooting with your family, these time-tested tips are worth keeping in mind whenever your camera is pointed at another person.

Some professional models share secrets about getting the best out of their poses

Pro, Mark Reis shares a time-tested tip about photographing a beautiful face

Getting a natural pose out of your model can be as simple as softening a stiff limb

**If you want to practice these techniques, check out Americanphotomag.com/modelshoot and see if there’s an American Photo Model Shoot workshop coming up in your area. **